Better Bronze

July 11, 2017


Experienced beauty professional, philanthropist, entrepreneur, dedicated sister, aunt, and a born-and-raised Austinite– Camille Armstrong’s Better Bronze spray tans are a caliber above the rest. Using non-toxic products and skilled expertise, Better Bronze is the best way to stay beautiful and bronze without the harm of UV rays.

Better Bronze’s motto “life is better bronze” comes from Armstrong’s mission to keep her clients’ skin beautiful without the harm of the sun. She explains, “Better Bronze was founded in 2008. I’ve worked in cosmetic surgery for years and have a great love for skin care, anti-aging remedies, and fighting sun damage. I wish spray tans were an option when I was younger to avoid all of the damage my skin has soaked up from the rays. Airbrush tanning is the healthy, safe alternative to sun rays – there’s all of the joy without any harmful UV rays. It just kind of made sense to combine my two passions: skin care and cosmetic surgery, with Better Bronze.”

The benefits of having a spray tan are endless. “The big phrase: ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it’ definitely comes into play with tanning. You can instantly hide five pounds with a spray tan. Not only that, everyone leaves the salon refreshed and feeling great. I personally think tanning solves all problems; the sun makes you feel alive. A spray tan provides the same thing without the damage.”

Better Bronze offers several different types of tans that are based on your skin type and intensity of the color desired. Depending on your lifestyle, a spray tan will last 7-10 days as long as you’re staying hydrated and moisturizing. Preparation and aftercare is the key to the longevity of your tan. You should do all other beauty treatments such as mani/pedi, waxing at least 24 hours prior to your tan, as well as shaving and exfoliating, so as not to deplete the tan. Use mild cleansing products and lotions (but nothing too perfume-y) post-tan. Better Bronze offers Fantasy Tan’s full line of aftercare products including a touch spray and tan extender. “My solution makes you have a fun, sun-kissed bronze glow. It’s important that my clients’ tans don’t have any orange hues or streaking. I don’t want anyone leaving the studio looking like a Dorito!”

The pricing of a spray tan at Better Bronze varies depending on the type of tan and if you want it in-studio or done at your home. “A regular tan costs $35 dollars in studio. It is $65 for a mobile regular tan. To host a tanning party, you need a minimum of five guests. Discounts vary depending on how many guests are tanning. Students get a major deal: $25 tans.”

If you’re looking for a fun girl’s night in, a tanning party will bring it to the next level. “There are so many instances where tanning parties can be beneficial; from a simple girl’s-night-in to a stay-at-home moms looking to treat themselves. We are mobile so we can come to you. I work with sororities at the University of Texas’ campus often. When you host a tanning party, the host receives a complimentary tan. I can bring tans wherever you are, from your house to a hotel!”

Stripping down for a tan in front of someone you may not know may seem intimidating, which is why Armstrong asks her clients to wear whatever they’re comfortable in. “People will come in their bathing suits, and some people don’t want any tan lines at all so they won’t wear anything. Some will wear bottoms and no top. It depends on what you want and what you’re doing in your tan. During the summer, what clients come dressed in is a free-for-all.”

Earlier this year, Better Bronze moved in with Wander Salon in the heart of downtown Austin. “We’re really excited to have a storefront location. Wander offers organic, non-toxic hair products, local art, jewelry, and more. Better Bronze adds natural tanning essentials to the mix.”

What makes Better Bronze stand out from other spray tan companies is Armstrong’s experience. “I would say that experience makes Better Bronze stand out from the others. My 15+ years in beauty allows for high-quality service and a fun experience every time. We use a Fantasy Tan solution, the company that created and continues to perfect spray tan. Spray tans are not packed with harmful chemicals or anything that would damage skin. Our tanner, Fantasy Tan, is 98% sugar cane based and organic.”

Armstrong has a huge heart for giving back to the community and has been giving back since a young age. “The countless blessings I have been so fortunate to have in my life inspires me to give. I had amazing examples growing up, especially my mother, my hero, Kathy Armstrong. She always instilled a strong desire to give back and help those that need it where you can. I have always felt that one person truly can make a difference, and it’s because of my family and my mother especially that I am drawn to do more. I was born and raised in Austin and have a strong sense of commitment to giving back to this community. I started at an early age with Junior Helping Hand. I was very active with Citizen Generation and Charity Bash events. I’ve helped put together silent auction packages and donated time and money to meaningful organizations such as Austin Pets Alive!, LifeWorks, The Shade Project, Dell Children’s Hospital, The Flatwater Foundation’s Dam That Cancer and more. I was the Social Chair for the Leadership Council of The Andy Roddick Foundation where we put girls night packages together to raise money for ARF.”

Loving your skin is very important in skin care and tanning. Wear sunscreen and love your skin with healthy sunless tanning. To learn more about Better Bronze, visit them online and their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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